If you are an "old hand" at raising goats for pets or show you know how wonderful the world of goats is. If you are new to this world, hang on….. Goats are, without a doubt, the smartest animals you can possibly grace your life with. If you can imagine a three year old child that has a knack for getting into everything, is exceptionally inquisitive, adept, graceful, and let’s not forget stubborn, then you can imagine what having two or more goats in your life is like. But the reward is their endless love and loyalty to you. There is not any other sight more awe inspiring than a group of baby goats with a group of children. Put them together and you will be filled with wonder.

Raising goats is very hard work. You can expect to milk your does twice a day, faithfully. You will be bottle or lamb bar feeding kids, trimming hooves, feeding twice a day, and every single goat will need an extra pat of attention. You can forget about family vacations unless you are lucky enough to have someone you can trust to care for them while you are gone. Ten years ago we went on a three day vacation for the first time in several years and were a nervous wreck until we got back. And, as Murphy’s Law would have it, one of our original goats, Java, had gotten frightened, jumped off the stanchion and hit her udder. You guessed it, mastitis. So…. Looks like we’ll be taking separate vacations for years to come.

Between the birthing season, milking season, show season, and breeding season you should be able to sleep during the months of December and January. But it will be another ten months of excitement you will not want to change for anything. Although ten years one of our goats, Cloud, locked me in the barn. After 45 minutes Paul and Jason saw me climbing out of a window without my snow suit on (couldn't fit throught the window with it on), head first at that. We changed the lock on the barn! We have come out to the water faucet running, gates unlocked, and wonder of wonders, shame on you if your goats get into your milking palor.... imagine linebackers from any NFL football team "partying" until the wee hours of the morning. Years ago, we were welcomed by Telly Tubbie (Telluride who was immensely pregnant with triplets) running around the barn with an empty bucket on her head, she had somehow accomplished this when we went to get the hoof trimmers from the house. They are soooooooo quick!

Every day is filled with small frustrations but fantastic surprises. Your life will never be the same after letting these things called "goats" enter your world…. and …… you will become addicted to them.

-Beth Adams